Articles and Politics

Most of my written work is inspired after prayer or an idea wakes me up in the early hours so I have to write it all down right then and there or it is lost. Being immersed in the spiritual does not prevent an impulse to dive in to the addictiveness of social media where everything is tangled up with the political machinations of our time. We want the world to be a better place but many are losing the cognitive ability to make sense of it when computers do all the thinking and working out for us. Given the plethora of traditional and alternative media sites, which keep multiplying, you need to have your own thinking cap on and not be seduced or distracted from taking a break to really examine and trust your own thinking. You need to trust your own thinking not someone else’s thinking. Can writing make a difference in the long run? ┬áIn the political arena improvements, for eg. health or the environment, made by one government can quickly be dismantled by the next. Will writing articles only chronicle these events without making any real meaningful impact? What is the best way to contribute for a better world?