Why do people stop believing in God?

Some of you are atheists and some of you have faith in God. You don’t need to have a bible in order to have a relationship with God but you do need to believe and have faith in the existence of a higher power. Some days it is easy to experience the presence of a great benign power and to feel loved and protected, but there are always times when doubt creeps in and you wonder how you could possibly believe in the stories in the bible. Sometimes it reads like science fiction. The bible is a record of history that was compiled by word of mouth stories handed down from generation to generation over thousands of years. It is not a magical fairytale or a collection of mythological tales. It is a library of historical records. It is not easy to interpret because word of mouth utterances are not scientifically a perfect rendering of facts. In the retelling of stories things are left out or changed by the orators. To have faith is to go back to the bible and realise that it is a guide to the best and most loving respectful way to treat others. It reminds you of all your failings and imperfections. It reminds you that you are human and that it is truly divine, a great release, to forgive yourself and others. It can be a vehicle for change and inpiration in your life. For myself, even though I have doubts sometimes, I believe that an intelligent being/entity created this world and everything in this universe because we are not capable of creating the magnitude or beauty that is present all around us. I don’t beieve it was random chance. If only we paid attention to it. Then we could stop chasing after the dissatisfaction that materialism inevitably produces and find real peace within and without.


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