Remnants are hard to find


While I am in the bath I notice how quiet it is even though the radio is on and there is always a lot of talking in the nearby kitchen. In my mind I float away somewhere else. I do not remember what happened to me a few months ago. The bathroom and the house is new, in fact it is the only house we own. Up until now we have always rented.  The builder, and his family live next door. The front of the house overlooks the river and the main highway. It is a good view. What is fascinating are the jelly fish in that river. They are HUGE: over 7 metres long and about 1 metre across. If you are stung by one you will probably die. They are beautiful, translucent white, dangerous, a mesmorising sight slowly floating about in the water. Beautiful until you touch them. You can see hundreds of them in the water as you travel over the bridge. You can’t take your eyes off them. My nanna and mummy go fishing in that river most Saturday nights. They use hand lines and usually come back with a few flathead, bream or whiting and a smelly mess of tangled nylon fishing lines. Mummy painstakingly unravels the knots the next day. I try to help but I am hopeless at undoing tangles and only make the knots worse. Mum is really good at it. Must be because she sews and embroiders. She loves botany and has drawn some beautiful pictures of plants. just like a professional. She is physically with me at bathtime but her mind is somewhere else. My eyes see her wash me. I am watching the soap bubbles but my mind has floated away too. It’s like I am somewhere else watching this event from afar. I am not really in my body anymore.

Written by Carmen Verne


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