Daily Prompt: Calm

Prayer phrases to think and act well


via Daily Prompt: Calm

I had a dream in the early hours. My best friend who passed 8 years ago came to visit me in a dream. I woke up before the dream had finished. I was annoyed with her in the dream because she wanted me to go out to a place of some historical significance she was imterested in but which was too far away for me to travel given the debilitating nature of my disability. Why couldn’t she understand? I yelled at her as I woke up. In real life I never yelled at her. We always listened and were thoughful and kind to one another. We enjoyed each other’s company and there was always laughter. This morning getting breakfast I saw a movement in the kitchen. Nothing there of course, probably just my cataracts playing up. Today was a calm day, the weather a fine warm 37 degreees celcius following 32 degrees yesterday. It is hard to wakeup in the warm weather so I slept in. I stayed at home, did some handwashing, talked on the phone and had 2 visitors. It was quite relaxing. In the afternoon a picture fell off the wall with a big bang into the bath while I was on a phone call. The frame was broken and the glass had striated fractures. The uncanny thing is that a copy of this very same picture had fallen off the wall in the front hall not long after my friend passed away. I was fortunate to be able to replace it with a replica. This picture is innocuous. It is a very calm beach scene. Two chairs and a white umbrella on white sand looking out to the water. I bought this picture twice because I liked looking at it. It made me feel calm. What is up with this picture falling off the wall twice? It is Christmas in 2 days. My friend and I used to spend Christmas either together with family or visit one another every year. Maybe she wants me to know she is thinking about me. I am not at all bothered about losing a favourite picture. It feels more like I have received a lovely Christmas present.


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