I wanted to write articles that could be put to good use and promote good causes. People say the same things over and over but if you say them with a different mindset or perspective then maybe change can happen. I also want to list petitions that are being ignored or need a boost for social change. There are people in Australia thar are marginalised eg. people with a disability who are discriminated against. Even though there is legislation and departments in place to support them, often these very “advocates” make decisions to the detriment of people with a disability. Discriminating actions are ignored to avoid bad publicity. If there is a complaint needing to be resolved it is incumbant upon the “wronged” to be able to afford legal assistance to take the matter to court because the Anti-Discrimination Disability Tribunal is there in the main to placate vested interests. Community Legal Services gave me an insight into how many complaints are resolved in favour of people with a disability which left me with no option but to be much more assertive, and occasionally mean, in order to take care of my health needs so that I would not require assistance by paramedics in certain situations. Note how many petitions are started by people with a disability who have been treated badly in our community. This is just one issue that needs more exposure. 

Written by Carmen Verne


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